1. Motivate employees through personal branding. This is a great opportunity, as it enables others to learn from personal experiences and grow in their own jobs.

2. Make knowledge sharing a company culture. A workplace environment where knowledge sharing is constantly encouraged will benefit both the organization and the people in it. We’ve discussed this in detail in an article about building confidence at the workplace.

3. Leverage content. Advocacy platforms should put great content at their employees’ disposal, so they can learn from it and share the most interesting aspects they found on social media.

4. Encourage brainstorming and training. Employees should be able to attend group sessions, in order to exchange new ideas. And newcomers should be also invited, as they may come with a fresh perspective.

5. Make employees active on social media. Show them how to find potential followers on social media and how to start engaging with them.

6. Help them become thought leaders. Employees should be encouraged to work on their personal brands, by learning how to speak, then being present at speaking gigs, and more.

7. Get employees on your side. After creating an attractive workplace environment, you should encourage your employees to advocate on your behalf.

8. Set goals and KPIs. In order to maintain an efficient employee advocacy program, you need an organized system, able to track the results of the posts your colleagues are sharing on social media.

9. Set social media posting guidelines. You want to see specific things being posted about your company, so having a social media policy is excellent, as it takes all the guesswork out of posting and interacting with followers.

10. Keep everyone up to date with the best practices. Your employees’ level of social media knowledge will differ, so it’s highly recommended to keep everybody up to date with the best practices, as well as algorithm updates, in order to make sure their messages reach the right people.

11. Appoint employee advocacy leaders. If your organization is large enough, you can easily outsource various employee advocacy roles to specific employees. They will pass the message down to their teams and encourage them to stay engaged.



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