About Jobsdone

Established in the year 2020, It is developed and operated from India and this portal is managed and owned by Sh. Major Singh.

With the increasing competition, every business entrepreneur wants to hire gems of the profession. At the same time, job seekers also want a destination where they can whet their skills. Catering to the needs of both, Jobs Done is transforming million dreams into reality.

Mission :
Our mission is to fill all the vacancies of our employers and also provide a job to our candidates according to their skills and education.

Benefits to visitors :
We have passed our path from the headwind and have covered the entire nation. Acquainted well with the nitty-gritty of this field we provide solutions keeping in mind the requirement of both job seekers as well as recruiters. Vast database of potential job seekers has assisted many organizations to choose the best from the pool of equals. Moreover, this platform also shows light to various job seekers to reach their perfect destination. This portal facilitates you to post resume, to contact the desired company. So, connect with our family to shape your dreams into reality.